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Extreme Blasting has a permit to provide essential services throughout the various levels of lockdown. As such, you can count on us to continue to provide service in blasting, earthworks and roadworks. Our work is of the highest standard in safety and customer satisfaction.


For info relating to COVID-19 please go to sacoronavirus.co.za.

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Rock Blasting, Earth Works & Road Works

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Extreme Blasting is a proudly South African company with an esteemed reputation in the Rock Blasting, Road Works and Earth Works industry.

Our specialist team offers a inimitable range of rock blasting services and earthworks rubble removal. With over 20 years of field experience, Extreme Blasting is a leader in the industry and offers customised blasting services to Mining, Quarries, Developers, Property Owners, and Construction Contractors.

If you need to clear up unwanted materials from blasting services we can assist you at cost-effective rates. Our services extend broadly to assist the needs of many organisations and applications: Dams, Road Preparations, Foundational Structures, Swimming Pools, Bulk Surface Clearing, Trench Blasting, Drilling, Roadworks and much more…

  • Bulk Blasting
  • Trench Blasting
  • Chemical Blasting
  • Rock Breaking with Air Breakers

Non-explosive secondary rock breaking is a great alternative solution for mines and quarries, making sure that mining licensing remains unchanged. All our services adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. Accredited safety officers are readily available and employed by Extreme Blasting. It is our number one company vision that all workers associated with any project stay safe and healthy.


Ground Vibration & Air Blast
We specialise in safe air-blast solutions. Air-blast is a low-frequency method of rock blasting, resulting in noise reduction. Detonation is implemented by ground vibration to air surface conversion.
Blast-hole Deviation Measurement
We measure with a fastidious objective to succeed first-time. Our blast-hole surveying process allows us to identify deviations before the blast: resulting in higher productivity, increased safety, and less environmental interference.
Fragmentation Analysis
Executing a proper blast design plan is mandatory to our success in the field. With exceptional knowledge, our fragmentation analysis for explosive energy control and density control in the borehole is unrivalled.
Blast Proposal & Timing
Evaluating the diameter of the blast hole, we pay careful attention to the rock context and type of excavation that will propose effective and safe blasting. Our timing sequence determines how the rock moves and the size of the breakage.
Blast Impact Analysis
Mining and civil company owners rely on our ability to put the pieces together before any blasting project's undertaking. We make use of the latest technologies to model a pre-tested evaluation of the blast impact before commencing the actual blast.
Blast Preparation Audits
Initiating safe and successful blasting application requires a specialist safety and security consultancy service. We provide certified audits that secure your site before any rock blasting. Let us take care of your audit reporting.
Velocity of Detonation
Blast strength and performance are determined by the velocity of detonation. It is also a foundational point in the process of rock blasting that measures the amount of force, or method needed to turn solid rock into fragmentations.
Blast Free Face Profiling
We don't believe in guesswork. The face profiling solution calculates all the angles, depths and offsets that are required for refined results. Safety always takes preference and avoiding flying rocks is our duty and responsibility.
Pre-Blast Structure Survey
Protect your buildings and assets with our pre-blast survey that records all accumulating structures and record the condition thereof. Integrity and ethical business practice are proven in our pre-blast surveys. We make sure your property is protected at all cost.
about us

Extreme Blasting is a multi-dimensional company that specialises in blasting, earthworks and roadworks. Successfully completing projects with extreme satisfaction for companies such as Lone Rock Construction, M&T Civil Works, Basil Read, Murray and Roberts and Down to Earth Civils. We strive to be the best at what we do without compromising the safety of the people around us and the environment we live in.

Rock Blasting

We specialise in both high-velocity and low-velocity explosives. For relatively hard rock we use high velocity in order to shatter and break the rock, while low-velocity explosives are used in soft rocks to generate more gas pressure and a greater heaving effect. Over 20 years of experience ensures dynamic results every time.

Earth Works

We have extensive knowledge in all forms of earth works including excavation, rehabilitation and resurfacing. We are equipped to operate a range of equipment, e.g., dozers, graders, excavators, crushers etc; employing highly skilled individuals with solid experience in the earth works industry.

Road Works

Road construction demands precision and clockwork. We offer both and more. Our blasting services corroborate with any road cutting, roadwork in general, and tunnelling specifications. Following the safety rules and delivering on time work is what sets us apart; Extreme Blasting leads the way with innovative technologies.

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